Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Call to Worship from Children...

(written by children in Mississippi)

Leader: Children want love. Will you love me?

People: As Jesus loves the children, we will love you.

L: We want to learn to pray. Will you pray with us?

P: As Jesus prayed with his disciples, we will pray with you.

L: Sometimes we are mean and do bad things. Will you teach how to say I'm sorry?

P: As Jesus forgives, we will look into our own hearts and forgive.

L: When we grow up, we will take care of you. Show us how to care.

P: With God's help, we will show you how to care.

L: We cannot vote. Will you vote for us?

P: We will stand for you and we will vote for you.

L: Our world is all messed up. It is hard to know what is right. Will you help?

P: With God's help, we will show you how to live.

L: Jesus listened to children. Will you hear us when we call your name? Are we important to the church?

P: Jesus said, "Unless you turn and become children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Children are our teachers. Yes, we are the church together!

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